Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Lashes

Hand's up if you've heard about mink lashes or have seen them using in tutorials?! I know I have but the one thing about a lot of them, is that they use real mink. That is why Kiss have now started to sell FAUX mink lashes which are a lot more humane while still feeling and looking luxurious and fluttery.

I have previously used Kiss lashes and reviewed them and have been so happy with them as they are so easy to apply, especially for a beginner like me! The band on these lashes from their Lash Couture range is on the thinner side, which makes them super comfortable to wear all day and also look more natural as you don't need as much eyeliner to cover the band. Even though they look very full, the lashes are extremely lightweight while still being fluttery as they have both volume and curl. Another plus point is that they have knot free band, meaning that if you care for the lashes none of the hair should become tangled.

The 'Midnight' lashes are the fullest of the 2 pairs I have tried and as they have some longer, more spiky hairs, these are great for a dramatic look and look very 'modern'. The 'Little Black Dress' lashes are by far my favourite as they look natural enough for every day and I also found that they seemed to fit to my eye better even though the band on both sets of lashes looks exactly the same. These lashes also create that smokey eye look without the eyeshadow - a lot of instagrammers and celebrities have this look and Perrie from Little Mix is a great example!

The faux mink false lashes are reusable as long as you care for them and are carful when removing from both the packing and your eye. Oh, and remember to remove any glue left on the band when you take them off! The packaging looks so high end and classy while still fitting in with the Kiss look. At the moment only 3 styles are available in Superdrug, which makes them so easy to get hold off!

Have you tried Kiss lashes before and are you going to try these faux mink ones?
Love Laura x

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  1. I've not tried these lashes before, but they sound so good! They look really pretty too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. They are so pretty - even better when you have them in front of you!

  2. I've always wanted to try false eyelashes, but last time I did, I failed SO HARD. Maybe because without my glasses I can't see anything. o.o

    1. I find false lashes so hard to apply! Normally end up dropping on then it vanishes....

  3. I don't use the false lashes because my lashes are long and full enough but this ones look so nice that I almost want to try them...
    Wish you a beautiful weekend.
    Flo from

    1. You are so lucky, my lashes are pretty short and straight but these ones blend so well with natural lashes