Saturday, 29 April 2017

Pixi X Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is something I have been doing for a few years, way before it came popular so I was so excited when I first heard that Pixi were bringing out this Double Cleanse product in collaboration with skincare expert blogger Caroline Hirons! This was included in the amazing gift I received from Pixi and is the second product featured from it on my blog - the first was on Aspyn Ovard's highlighters and you all you lovely lot seemed to love that.


The idea behind double cleansing is that the first step removes any makeup and dirt from your skin  and the second to clean and moisturise. The Double Cleanse is split into two parts which are defined by the actual product, as well as the lid so you know which to use first. Step 1 is the solid cleansing oil and oh-em-gee this stuff is amazing! A small amount literally melts all makeup away - even waterproof mascara - so there is not even a trace of it left. It feels very soft and not really oily when applying to your skin, so rubs in well to get makeup/dirt off your face but still rinses away easily. I find it easier to damp a face towel, rub it into the oil and then onto my face and this is especially a good way if you have long nails!

Step 2 is the cleansing cream which is used to remove any residue left from the cleansing oil and to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised and ready for any following skincare products. I love how creamy this feels and once again, a little goes a long way! Simply rub this all over and into your face to makes sure it is really clean and wipe away with a damp towel to leave super soft and more importantly, super clean skin!

Both of these formulas feel so kind to your skin and make easy work of getting rid of makeup/dirt etc from your face and even though I have oily skin, the oil side doesn't make it any worse, in fact it feels less oily since I've been using it and breakouts have been less often! The double cleanse also fits in with the Pixi brand as it is cruelty free and also doesn't contains any parabens or anything like that.
The tub itself feels so strong and while it is a little heavy, I think this proves just how much of the product is actually in there, so while it may be a little on the pricy side, you definitely get value for money!

Have you tried the Double Cleanse or are you an avid reader of Caroline's amazing blog?
Love Laura x

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  1. I still need to get this, sounds amazing!! x

  2. Ooops, too late for me)) Today was thinking if I want buy this)) Next time I will try))

  3. I love the sound of this, I feel so fresh after cleansing my face and you defo sometimes need two steps to get rid of all the make up, I like the fact the first steps melts away the makeup x

    S x

    1. You would love this product by the sounds of it and no joke, it literally does melt makeup away, even waterproof!

  4. I still haven't tried this because I have so many makeup removers to get through! I really want to though, Pixi never disappoints :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. Whoa this sounds brilliant, I've had the double cleanse waiting around to try on my bathroom cabinet but I haven't cracked it open yet. That's so good that this can take down even waterproof mascara.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode