Saturday, 22 April 2017

#GetFruity With Asda & nspa Beauty

Spring and Summer is all about fresh and fruity scents, so why not include them in your bath and/or shower? Honestly, this is the scent I normally go for anyway as I find it relaxing, but it is so hard to find products that are fruity without being over sweet and sickly. However, I may how found the answer in Asda as they now exclusively stock nspa Beauty which have amazing spa like products in a range of different and amazing scents!


nspa Beauty have created a huge range, all containing fruit extracts which not only smell amazing, but are also kind to skin as they contain vitamins A, E and B5 along with botanical extracts.  I love both of the shower & bath gels - the Green Tea is perfect for the morning as it so refreshing and more of a 'wake me up' scent, whereas the Coconut is perfect for the relaxing evening bath! They are both really easy to use in both the bath and shower and aren't too runny to be used in the shower, which is one thing I have found with these combination gels.

The Fresh Raspberry Shower Scrub * is by far my favourite product from the range. The scent is both sweet but not sickly at all and it honestly does smell exactly like raspberry! It contains Passion Fruit seeds to create the scrub effect and it literally gets rid of all the dry skin and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth.

The Mango Body Butter * leaves your skin feeling so nourished and healthy and can be used everyday or as you feel your skin needs. The one thing I love about it, is that it dries into your skin so quickly - no having to stand around waiting for it to soak into your skin if you use this! This tub would also last quite a while as a little goes a long way and the smell is incredible - it also lasts a good few hours too.

The packaging of all these products feels so fresh and I love that the colours all match the different scents so you pretty much know what your getting right away. The bottles and tubs are also quite strong so if you are going away, you wouldn't have to worry about them breaking or leaking out - I actually took the scrub and body butter when I had a weekend away and they were fine! There are also a load of other scents including strawberry and shea butter in all these products along with body mists - I have my eye on the Passion Fruit shower gel!

All of these are available exclusively at Asda, both online and instore and I would highly recommend you getting your hands on some for spring/summer - you wont regret it! Also, how cute are all the little bits they included in the package to me! The straws are so cute, along with a drinks float, a infuser bottle and ice balls (not pictured) to make summer even more relaxing.

Love Laura x

*PR gift
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  1. How lovely of them to include little decorations in the package. I love that!
    These products sound great too, I need to get my hands on that Mango Body Butter.
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

    1. It was such a nice little touch and really fits with the products! The body butter is amazing!

  2. The packaging is so cute! I'd love to try out the shower gels sometime, especially the coconut one :)

    1. Isn't it just?! The showers gels are amazing and smell exactly like they claim too!