Monday, 16 October 2017

Halloween With bakerdays

Weather you're celebrating a birthday, big family event or even just Halloween, a cake is an essential to have! Hence, when bakerdays got in contact with me (they know I love cake!) and asked if I would like one of their cakes, of course I said yes!



They very kindly sent me their Haunted House rich chocolate chip cake and just look how amazing it looks! This is part of their letterbox range - yes, a cake delivered through the letterbox (heart eyes emoji!) - meaning that it is perfect for if there is only a couple of you to eat it as it is quite small and thin as you can see in the photos. Saying this, it is quite rich so you want be able to eat too much anyway, unless you are a real chocolate lover! It's covered in the more delicious icing I've ever had as it was neither too thick or too think or too sweet, it was just perfect for what I like. The image on top looked amazing and it would be the perfect addiction if you were having a small get together for Halloween.

The cake also came in a tin which is a super cute touch, as it not only protects the cake when it's been shipped, its also something you can keep after - I've been using mine to give people things when I've been baking. Included in the box was also a couple of candles and balloons which is such a good idea to include, especially if you order a celebration cake. I love that you can get it delivered through your letterbox, meaning you don't have to be in and wait for it!

On their site, they have cakes for any and every occasion you can think of with each being available for personalisation so you can include a message of your choice. You can even have your own image put onto the cake to make it unique to you/your event or just have a person's face put into some of their designs. You also get the choice of what type of cake you want from traditional sponge to chocolate. They also do personalised cupcakes and balloons, so they really have everything you could ever need!

Have you ever ordered from bakerdays before?
Love Laura x

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  1. A cake delivered through your letterbox sounds bloody awesome! I love the design on this cake as well, it looks so fancy.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode