Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Starting My Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Anyone and everyone who's into makeup and beauty knows all about Charlotte Tilbury and the amazing products she does as well as being a talented makeup artist herself. I had only ever tried her lipsticks (which, FYI are amazing!) so I was so excited and grateful when a box from Charlotte Tilbury arrived at my door filled with amazing goodies - it's safe to say, I feel very spoilt!




Seriously, this is the heart eyes emoji all over, just look at it all! These are some of the products I've been looking at for ages but haven't purchased for different reasons, so I'm so, so grateful to be able to try them out now. First of, how gorgeous is the packaging?! You know as soon as you look at it what brand it is from. Also, the boxes that each products comes in is just a gorgeous and so well made, the one for the magic cream opens (the only way to describe) is like a flowers with quotes inside. I've never owned makeup that comes like this before.

The Magic Cream* is one of the products I've been dying to try for so long and so far, it's more than lived up to my expectations! As I have oily skin, I'm always quite careful with moisturiser but this one suits my skin so well without making it break out or more oily. In fact, my skin has felt less oily since I started using it and feels so healthy and soft, something which is hasn't done in a long time. I've also found that makeup sits a lot better when I use the magic cream underneath and, even with matte foundations, it gives a slight healthy glow to the skin. While it is quite pricy at £70, you only need a touch to do your entire face and neck as it is quite creamy, so the tub will last quite a while which is perfect.

Wonder Glow* is one of the best brightening products I've tried as it actually does brighten the skin. It is a very warm, golden toned primer and while it looks very yellow in the tube, it blend down well on the skin to give a sheer shimmer like effect which is perfect to counteract redness. As I have such pale skin, I did worry that it would make me look orange, but it honestly doesn't as it's so sheer on he skin. You can use it under, over or instead of foundation depending on the look you're going for. I've been using it more under foundation to give a slight dewy and brighter looking skin with a little extra as a type of highlighter to the cheekbones. On it's own, it does slightly shrink pores but it can look a little too shimmery for me.

Last but in no means least, my favourite that's tuned into my go-to - Film Star Bronze & Glow Palette *! Just look how beautiful it is! As I've said, I have very pale skin so finding a contour shade that doesn't look orange or muddy can be a real challenge, but the sculpt shade from this palette is perfect as it just gives a sun kissed effect to skin that looks very natural thanks to the blend of pearl and pigment in the powder. It's quite a subtle shade but is buildable depending on the look you're going for. The highlighter is slightly golden tone - which is what I normally choose - and isn't too glittery, it's definitely more of a shimmer as it contains Light Flex Technology so it reflects the light exactly where you want it. It basically gives you the most beautiful glow that looks pretty natural. Both powders feel so soft and blend amazingly and easily into the skin. The palette has the perfect sized mirror so you can contour and highlight on the go - I mean, you're going to want to show off this gorgeous palette which makes me feel so glamorous.

I honestly can not get enough of these products from Charlotte Tilbury and have been recommending these to everyone, particularly the Film Star Bronze & Glow palette which I can't get enough of. I can't wait to start building up my Charlotte Tilbury collection, I have my eye on the Powder & Sculpt Brush and the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils. If you have any recommendations what I should get next, please let me know! Also, would you to see me try/show these in a YouTube video?

Love Laura x

*Brand gifts
All opinions are my own


  1. GIRL you my friend have just made sparks fly in my brain!! (you're probably also about to cost me a lot of money but that's fine. I will forgive you) What a BRILLIANT idea it is to start building a collection from a certain brand. I SO want to do this! I'm going to figure out my fave brand and focus on expanding my collection of theirs! THIS HAS MADE ME SO EXCITED. Btw, I have to mention, I am in LOVE with your photography. Your pictures are fabby quality and your content is reflected really well! Brilliant post love it! x Amba x

  2. I will need to try this collection out! I love the vibes in your photo they're so chic!

  3. I've always wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury but it is a little pricey! Perhaps I'll treat myself for Christmas

  4. I love the Magic Cream and Wonder Glow! I really want to try the Filmstar Bronze and Glow sometime!

  5. Those products look amazing! I've tried any of her products but pictures of them always look so fab! Might have to have a purchase on payday!