Saturday, 28 October 2017


One of the most exciting things that comes from having my own blog is getting the opportunity to try out new brands, sometimes even before they launch! Therefore, when B:UNDENIABLE got in contact with me and asked of I would like to try some of their products before they launch, so of course I said yes and trust me, you will want to try out this brand too!



The brand's slogan is 'Luxury products that enhance one's natural beauty' and I love this and the products show this too alongside celebrating and embracing individuality, which is what makeup is all about in my opinion!

The iridescent eyeshadows I got are in the shades 'Crimson Crush' and 'Golden Amber' and these are both gorgeous and super pigmented - literally, one touch to get the colour with hardly any fall-out, which is amazing for iridescent eyeshadows as these do have shimmer particles. Both blend so easily, both together and with other eyeshadows as they feel quite creamy and soft, so are so easy to use. Even without a primer, these sit so well on the eye and don't crease or smudge though-out the day, the eyeshadow just stays put! Basically they just look gorgeous on the eye! B:UNDENIABLE have a huge range of different shades available, so you're sure to find ones that you will love!


I was also sent a Audacious lipstick and I chose 'Wild Berry' and while this is a gorgeous shade, on the website it looks more of a berry red than a purple! Luckily, I do wear purple lipstick every now and again so this will definitely be used! This is also strongly pigmented, so one swipe completely covers your lips in the vibrant purple, but it still feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The formula contains Vitamin C and caster oil o make it super nourishing and makes you lips look healthy.

These products from B:UNDENIABLE are such amazing quality and are so pigmented which makes them super easy to use while still being comfortable on the skin. They also have a huge range of different shades to suit all skin tones. The packaging is very simple, just black with white text but it all feel very strong, so you don't have to worry about it breaking or opening in the bottom of your bag!
Love Laura x

*Brand gifts
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