Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Best Shearling Jackets Under £100

One of THE fabrics of the season for outerwear is without a doubt, shearling and for good reason! Not only does it look super 'fashion' and stylish, it's also super warm and cosy which is exactly what you need at this time of the year.


As you can see, pretty much every high street store has a jacket with some form of shearling attached to it! The majority are in the aviator style which is sort of a classic style to include shearling in, but of course, it has a modern twist with the huge range of differant colours - hey, you can even get it in denim!
The other major style is having the shearling on the outside, which probably isn't the most practical way to wear shearling at this time of year, but it looks amazing so it can be forgiven - just make sure you take an umbrella with you! A few jackets also add shearling to just the collar which I think is the perfect way to wear it without it being too over the top and it also makes a jacket feel super cosy around your neck.

Have you bought your shearling jacket yet and which is you favourite from the ones I've included?
Love Laura x


  1. Ohh I like those jackets ! Still looking for one myself.

  2. Super post ♡

  3. I've wanted a shearling jacket forever. ASOS had a great one last year.

  4. I really like that grey shearling jacket! I think it looks cool on the outside but if it's gonna keep me cold I for sure would need it in the actual jacket itself

    Julia // The Sunday Mode