Monday, 27 November 2017

CoolScultpting At Pulse Light Clinic


Pulse Light Clinic in London are now offering CoolSculpting treatments. This is an innovative way of contouring the body by freezing any unwanted fat away and is completely none surgical as there are no needles involved ! It is also FDA cleared meaning it is safe and effect treatment and Pulse Light Clinic have over 17 years experience in skincare, so you know you're going to be in safe hands - without a doubt the most important thing.

As the treatment doesn't involved needles at all, you don't need time off work for rest etc as you can just carry on as normal. It also doesn't harm the surrounding skin/tissue to the area you have the treatment on. CoolScultping can be used on many parts of the body including under the chin, abdomen and thighs to name just three! A pack is place on the area to be treated for an hour leaving you to relax while it quite literally freezes away the fat as it kills the fat cells.

The video shows you everything you can expect along with a load more information. Head to their site and book your patch test and treatment!

Laura x

*Post in collaboration with Pulse Light Clinic

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