Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Your Lips But Better With Pixi Beauty

The one beauty product I have a slight obsession with buying is lipsticks. I have so many in all different formulas and shades but I still buy more. Pixi Beauty once again spoilt me and sent me some of their lip balms and lipsticks to try out and I am in LOVE! They really do embody the 'Your lips but better' line and I have been wearing these none stop.

Top to bottom - Ripe Raspberry, Pixi Pink & Sweet Peach
First up, the lip balms in shades Sweet Peach, Ripe Raspberry and Pixi Pink. As these contain shea butter, they are super moisturising on the lips almost instantly and it makes them smell incredible. The each add a tint of colour with a natural looking gloss effect, so are perfect for everyday use especially on those days where you can't be bothered with the precision of lipstick! They can also be built up to create a stringer colour. The formula also contains Vitamin E which helps to protect the sensitive skin of your lips from the elements, so are perfect for both the warmer months aswell as the winter ones. Out of the 3, Sweet Peach is without a doubt my favourite as it's a nudey pink shade which is perfect for me, saying that I have worn the pinks a few times too!

Left to right - Plum Berry, Bitten Rose and Rose Naturelle

Now for the gorgeous Mattelustre Lipsticks in Plum Berry, Rose Naturelle and Bitten Rose. These are such multi look lipsticks as the formula is a demi matte meaning it still has a slight satin look to it, but if you pat it down lightly with your fingertips, it turns more of a matte. They also stay creamy on the lips so feel so comfortable and moisturising. As the formula contains Vitamins C and E alongside hyaluronic acid, your lips look fuller and smoother. Plum Berry is the perfect berry shade for Autumn and Winter as well as any fancy events you may have! The other two are a nudey pink and more of a bright pink which are perfect for every day wear. These lipsticks are also super pigmented and cover your lips completely with the shade.

Both of these Pixi lip balms and lipsticks are so moisturising, so are perfect if you hate drying matte formulas and especially good for the cold weather! While they all add colour to your lips, they are still natural looking - your lips but better!

Have you tried any of Pixi's lip balms and/or lipsticks and what did you think?
Love Laura x

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  1. Amazing balms and lipsticks!