Saturday, 25 October 2014

Inspired by Cheryl

If you have been watching X Factor this year (who hasn't?!), you will have seen Cheryl's amazing purple eyeshadow at the arena auditions. I personally love purple on eyes, especially since mine are blue as it really makes them 'pop', so when I saw Cheryl's it was defiantly something I was inspired by. I am in no way a make up artist and am pretty bad at doing anything with eyeshadow, but I have tried to recreate this look.

For this look I have used:

- Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara
- MUA black eyeshadow
- MUA purple eyeshadow
- Barry M eyeshadow brush
- Barry M eyeliner brush

I first used MUA purple eyeshadow and covered my entire eyelid and on the lower lash line with this. Then using the eyeliner brush, I made a triangle shape outwards and filled this in. Blending the eyeshadow into the skin to avoid harsh lines makes this look more wearable. Using MUA eyeshadow in black and the eyeliner brush, I used this as eyeliner and blended it in slightly to the purple on both top and bottom waterlines. By blending, it makes the lines less harsh but still makes your eyes 'pop'. To finish the look I used Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara, as this is a super black colour and defiantly stands out from the purple eyeshadow.


While this isn't an exact match to Cheryl's look, it is similar and like I said I am defiantly no make up artist! This look could also make a great Halloween look, especially if you made the triangle more exaggerated!

Would you wear the is look?

Love Laura xx


  1. This colour is awsome,i've never tried anything like it!!!
    Yous eyes are so beautiful


    1. You will have to try purple it definatly makes eyes pop although this is the first time I've tried it this extreme! Thank you!
      Laura x

  2. Great halloween make up tutorial.

    Hazel =)
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