Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Cybersmile Foundation

Bulling is never nice, it doesn't matter if it is in person or though the 'cyber world'. It is a horrible thing to happen to anyone, but it is also something that is hard to tell anyone about if it is happening to you. This is why I am so happy that the charity The Cybersmile Foundation exists and oh how I wish this had been around when I needed it!
Cybersmile Foundation is a non-profit organisation which are tackling all online bulling and hate campaigns. They believe that everyone and anyone should be able to go on the internet and enjoy being part of the online community - which is exactly how it should be. There should be no fear at all involved with going onto any social networking sites, they are there to be enjoyed. Cybersmile want to provide an environment for people who have been affected by cyber bulling where they can have the tools and coping strategies to help them overcome whatever has affected them online. They also want to help the bullies themselves so they can see how what they have done has affected someone else's life. In a nutshell, Cybersmile Foundation will help support anyone who has, or is, being affected by cyber bulling and give them the support they need to come to terms with what has happened and also to move on from it.

I love both their Twitter and Instagram pages, as they are full of inspiring quotes. Something so small and maybe insignificant to others can mean a lot to someone else. I also love their merchandise - all have the word 'positivity' on and this is exactly what they are giving to the people they are helping - I will defiantly be buying something soon!

Remember life can be hard at times and people can be cruel, but keep your head held high and ignore any of the mean things people may say.
You are a beautiful, unique person and never let anyone tell you otherwise.
Love Laura xx


  1. Congrats for ur beautiful post !
    many people have to be inform about this
    Thanks for posting it


    1. Thank you and yes agree not that many people are aware of charities such as this and they really do help people :)