Saturday, 6 December 2014

Brogini Boots

Now if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I am a massive horsey person and I'm lucky enough to have my own horse. The equestrian world has their own 'fashion', but everything is slightly more practical and made for being in the outdoors. As I do some showing with Bonnie, I needed some new long, black riding boots as I had had my old ones for years and they had practically fallen apart. I got the Brogini Modena Long Boots.

Although these are made from a synthetic material, they look exactly like they are made from high end expensive leather. They are super soft and mould to your leg, which is exactly what you want from long riding boots. Also, as the material isn't that thick, you still have a good feel for your horse and aids can be given well. The sole is strong and thick meaning they are good for all weathers and they feature a good grip which is anti-slip but they are also flexible enough to move with your foot. The full-length rear zip makes them easy to get on and off - even in the smallest of cars/trailers! I love the shape of the top of these boots, they look so professional and clean while in the show ring without being distracting. These boots also feature a tiny button like stud on the outside of each boot with a 'B' for Brogini.
I bought these from Ride Away online and they came within a few days and you could keep track of them while they were on route. They were also packaged up so well and came exactly as they are shown on the website.

I would defiantly recommend these boots to any rider who is looking for something for the show ring at an affordable price.

Love Laura xx


  1. These boots are so beautiful!

    1. The photos really don't do them justice!
      Laura x