Friday, 22 May 2015 Instagram Paper

Everybody uses wrapping paper and also uses Instagram but how about combining the two? This is exactly what do! On their website you can connect your Instagram account and pick as many of your photos as you wish to create your own bespoke paper. 


I chose to use some of the photos I have taken of my horse Bonnie, as I thought it was something different and after receiving it, I am so happy and it literally looks amazing! The paper itself feels really good quality and the images are super clear, making this something so amazing and unique. I got a small roll, but it seems like there is quite a lot of paper on it so it would probably wrap a few presents up - meaning that it is value for money as it is £9.99 for the small roll. It is slightly more expensive than regular wrapping paper but you are getting something bespoke using your very own images.


It also came within 2 days and in a triangle shaped box (like a Toblarone) wrapped in a bag and with a small paper band so it was well protected. Also, everything has the logo on without it looking to much and I personally really like it. 

I would defiantly recommend to anyone who wants to make a present completely unique and even more special.

Love Laura x


  1. Awee what a brilliant idea. :) Loving your horse Bonnie btw ahaha such a cutie :)

    Caitriona | Blog

    1. It is so amazing! And thank you, she's such a sweetie! :D
      Laura x