Saturday, 31 October 2015

LaLaLab Photo Book

A few months ago, I took a trip to London with my best friend and while we were there, I took so many photos, but it's not always quite the same looking at them on a computer screen as having them printed in front of you. This is especially true for my Grandma, as she doesn't quite understand computers all that well!

a photo book from london printed using lalalab

photos from london printed in a photo book from lalalab

photos from london printed into a photo book using Lalalab

I have used LaLaLab before and have polaroid photos printed and because I was so happy with them, I used them again to create my own photo book. I decided to have 26 of the best photos in the book along with captions under each. I love the fact that the book is hardback, meaning it will last a lifetime and it also looks a lot better, especially if, like me, you are giving it as a gift. It also has a small 'sneak-peak' of the inside images on the front cover, which makes it super cute! As the book is 21cm x 21 cam, it is a decent size and all photos can be seen clearly. The quality is amazing and everything looks as clear as it does on your phone screen.

It came well packaged up and protected, so it arrived exactly how it should. The postage time was a little slow, but it is only what you can expect when something is being made to order and for the quality you get, you can't really complain!

Once again, I can't recommend LaLaLab enough and can't wait to order from them again - still have my eye on their phone cases!

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Love Laura x

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  1. I love photo books :) Never tried this brand before - your photo book looks really professional!

    1. I would defiantly recommend using them and they are so worth the money - remember to use the code to get £5 off!
      L x

  2. This is fab, I always mean to print photos off but never get round to it.

    Sarah | <3

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful, I'd love to make my own one day.

    Sempiternal Adventures

  4. It is really fantastic! But I have a question: when I confirm the order and the app starts sending the photos, each photo is sent twice. It's normal? Thanks for the answer :)

    1. No I've never had that! Make sure you have only uploaded them once!