Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Guest Post | Kylie Jenner's Makeup Guide By Peter Minkoff

Ok, so – now it’s official… we are absolutely obsessed with Kylie’s style and makeup tricks even though most of us aren’t still 100% ready to admit it. Truth is, it’s kind of difficult looking up to someone who used to be the Ugly Duckling of the family but has grown up to be a gorgeous swan… well, not really grown up to be but rather had amazing procedures to become it. Nevertheless, you’ll agree her style is impeccable and the older the youngest Jenner is becoming, the more is her style evolving and we are going crazy about it!

A Kylie Jenner Makeup Guide by Peter Minkoff

Unlike her big sister Kim Kardashian who’s got trending for her heavy makeup and smoky eye makeup (at least until she’s met her hubby Kanye West who not only threw all of her clothes out just a few month into their dating, but influenced her style majorly, only to make her the style icon of pop culture), Kylie made it very clear from the get go that her style is youthful, edgy, chic and a bit daring. Surprisingly enough, she’s even admitted her style inspiration comes straight from… wait for it… Tumblr and not from her sisters! Well King Kylie… you showed them!

If you wish to imitate Kylie Jenner’s makeup, here are the tips that will help you get the look of the youngest of Kardashian-Jenner Queens.

Nurture your skin
Unless you are a professional makeup artist, there is no amount of makeup that will help you cover all the blemishes, redness and other irregularities torturing your skin. Even if you try it, you are running the risk of having your face look muddy… and that’s not what you want, is it? Sure. So, according to Kylie, the first step to looking amazing with your makeup on is nurturing your skin properly and using products that agree with your skin type. Also, makeup removal classifies as one of the most important aspects of makeup care – don’t forget to supply your makeup kit with the one that works best for the amount of makeup you are using and your skin type. An absolute must recommended by most beauty experts are Asap skin care products for makeup removal as well as facial cloths – they will help you go Kylie on your face, 100%!

Brows are everything
Having the right shape and thickness of your brows will turn you from an average-looking girl to a superstar! Kylie knows it, and now you know it. Paying attention to having them plucked regularly, filling in holes with a pencil in a shade that agrees with your natural brow-hair and making them the focal point of your face is what you simply must adopt as a part of your regular beauty routine.
A gudie to Kylie Jenner's makeup by Peter Minkoff

Master eye makeup
The trick to wonderful Kylie makeup is applying tape to the outer corner of your eyes before applying any eye shadow; this way you are creating a sharp edge that will develop into cat eye. Kylie advises to “take a pinky-length amount of translucent tape and hold it diagonally so that it matches the angle of your eyebrow arch. Keeping that same angle, place it directly under your lower lash line to serve as a guide for your winged eye shadow application”. After you’ve done that, use black eye shadow and smudge it out along the edge of the tape. Remove the tape for a sharp, clean eye shadow-as-eyeliner look when you're finished blending the black.
Mind your foundation
The key to getting that perfect Kylie face shine is to apply foundation on top of your illuminator instead of the reverse order. Before applying foundation, apply on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and the tip also, and cupid's bow (areas where normally you shouldn’t be applying full powder), and then press it into the skin with a blender sponge. Kylie uses disposable sponges, but you don’t have to.
A guide to Kylie's makeup by Peter Minkoff
Lips natural, forever
Mauve, beige, rose quartz, deep browns or plumb-hues are Kylies choices. Make them yours, too. And for more inspo don’t forget to check out her 18th Birthday Party look!


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  1. Interesting post, especially as Wayne Goss has just put up a Youtube about the "youth of today and where they're getting their make up inspo from" >> I agree, she looks AMAZING! (Great Brows!) But she must have make up artist help to look like this daily!? xx

  2. Im really not a fan of Kylie Jenner but her makeup is lovely :)
    Alex ox