Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How To | Use NoFollow and DoFollow Links

Since the release of Google's new guidelines for bloggers and penalties being handed out, it has meant we have had to learn something new. In this case, it is the use of follow and nofollow links. While these look the same, the coding is ever so slightly different and makes a huge difference to how Google reads and ranks your blog.

nofollow and dofollow links and how they should be used

DoFollow links
These can be used for any organic link. Say you have bought yourself a new bag and decide to blog about it. If you link back to the website, this can be a dofollow link.

DoFollow links can help boost both the page rank and ranking in search engine results. It is good to have some dofollow links on your blog, as it shows google it can be trusted in a way and that the content is good and organic.

NoFollow links
These should be used for any un-organic links. So basically, if you have been send something from a brand or PR to either review of just gifted you are linking back to the site, it is a sponsored post, a press release or questionable link, they must be all be nofollow.

By using NoFollow, tells search engines not to follow the link and that it isn't endorsed by you. It also makes sure that no page rank is transferred and that the link in you blog post shouldn't influence the ranking of the link target when it is searched for. It doesn't count in favour of the page being linked to at all.

To change a link to nofollow you can either:

- Add rel="nofollow" after the link in HTML

- In blogger, when you are selecting your link, tick the 'add nofollow attribute' box and the HTML will be added automatically.


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  1. Thanks for this - I didn't really understand the point of these links so this has definitely helped clarify things for me!

    Paula /

    1. Glad it has helped you to understand, I know how confusing these links can be!

  2. Great tip! Nofollow links are something I know about yet always manage to forget about

    Lauren |

  3. I still find this slightly confusing but thank yo for helping to clear things up :)

  4. Oh dear, I am still clumsy when it comes to these things! :(
    But your article is clear enough and I will have a go at it!
    Thank you

    1. Hope this helps you to remember to add them in, it is becoming a necessity!

  5. It is so important that bloggers know this, so that they don't get themselves in to trouble. Brands can really take the piss with this.

    1. Totally agree with you and yes, some brands can be so bad about the type of link used