Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pink Soda Sport and TRAIN Manchester Event

Scrolling through instagram, you are bound to have seen something about Pink Soda Sport gym wear, especially since it is a huge blogger favourite! I was lucky enough to be invited to their event held at TRAIN Manchester and have a go at cross fit, as well as testing out some of their new range.
Pink Soda Sport Event Sign

Meeting at 1pm at TRAIN, which is based in Castlefield, Manchester I was greeted by the lovely girls from Pink Soda Sport and JD Sports, as well as the other bloggers who had been invited. Everyone was so nice and friendly, which is always an essential part of any event! Plus, they all hated burpees as much as me!
The gym itself was perfect, as it was large and spacious you didn't feel like you were going to bump into anyone. It was also a little on the cool side which is perfect for when your getting all hot and sweaty working out. Also, the personal trainer we had was so nice and encouraging and pushed everyone just enough but no too much if that makes sense. We were all put into pairs - I was with Laura from --- which meant we could split the reps of each move between us and we ended up coming 4th, round of applause to us!
After the workout we were given smoothies from Savse which are crammed full of fruit and veg (2 of your 5 a day) and so refreshing. Mine was 'Super Orange' which was so nice and you could defiantly taste the mango in there! We were also given goodie bags filled to the brim with health and fitness bits.

Savse smoothie

Goody bag from Pink Soda Sport

I had such a good time, especially since I had never done cross fi before and even though it was hard, I would totally do it again and the sore muscles were defiantly worth it! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly - I felt completely at ease working out with them and probably making a fool of myself not being able to lift and throw the ball at the wall! (This does have a name but I can't remember what!)

OOTD wear all Pink Soda Sports

Flatlay of Pink Soda Sport Items

Pink Soda Sport Contrast Leggings *
Pink Soda Sport Printed 2 in 1 Vest *
Pink Soda Sport Zip Through Panel Hoody *

I was also gifted an outfit to wear for the event which consisted of leggings, sports bras, vest top and zip up hoodie. Everything was so comfortable to wear and didn't stop me from moving in anyway, which is exactly what you want in sports wear. I love the colours used, as it is simple but stylish and the use of either pink or orange throughout gives it the splash of colour and fun needed.

Have you bought anything thing from Pink Soda Sport? What did you think of it?
Laura x

*This product has been gifted/sent
for review by PR and/or the brand


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    1. Everything in their range is so comfortable! And you can get the smoothies in Sainsbury's!
      L x

  2. Honestly, I'd probably go to the gym more if I could look good in gym wear. These items look so so cute and I might have to invest. If it gets me to go to the gym more it can't be all bad if I spend a bit xx

    Beth ~ MissCosmeticBlogger

  3. I haven't tried the Pink Soda collection yet but this combo looks awesome and makes me want to get all spendy!

    Emma |

  4. I really love that gym wear, sounds like you had a great event!

    - Cydney x

  5. This sounds like such a great blogger event - so different and the easiest way to test the clothes. May have to invest in Pink Soda!

    Ruth Writes |

    1. It was such a good event and the perfect way to give a good and honest test of the clothes!

  6. I love a good event and this looks awesome having both exercise and fun thrown in together! The gym gear looks cool too.

  7. Hi Laura, really enjoyed reading this post. I am relatively new to the blogosphere (blogging on and I'm just curious how you can get invited to these kind of events? Sounds like a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded peeps, do something fun and of course get some cool freebies! ;-)

    1. Glad you liked the post and I was actually contacted by the PR and this is how most events are organised. I would suggest you join facebook blogger groups as events/opps do get advertised there. Also, remember nothing is 'free', work is involved with it!