Saturday, 29 October 2016

How To | Work With Brands And PR's

How to work with brands and PR companies is one question I get asked a lot, especially when I tell people that I contact 90% of them myself rather than waiting for them to find me. Through this, I have picked up a few tips that I'm more than willing to share with you all!


See a brand or PR company you would like to work with? Send them an email saying just that and include who you are, what type of blogger you are, where you are based and your blog link. I never included my stats/analytics or anything like that in my first email, but I do say they are available if needed. This is mainly to not overload the email, as it is just a request to be added to their list not a list of all the samples you want.

Social media
Follow the brands you love and show them just that! If you include them in a post/images, tag them on social media - you never know if they may regram/retweet it and it could be the start of the relationship between you and the brand/PR. This is the perfect way to show they you are already passionate and know about the brand.

Media Kit
Whatever brand or PR company you work with, big or small, they will want to know your follower count on all your social media platforms and the readership statistics of your blog. The best way to send all this is through a media kit which, along with the above information, states everything about you and your blog.

Small or large?
Brand size that is! Just because a brand is smaller or newer, doesn't mean that a collaboration wont be good for both sides. Some of the best collaborations I have worked on have been with smaller brands, so just something to bare in mind.

Contact Info
Make sure you make it easy for you to be contacted by having your email in a clear and obvious place on, not only your blog, but social media too. This means putting it in your bio on all social media platforms and having it in your side bar (if you have one) on your blog. The people who will be looking for this are busy and if they have to go through hoops to find your email, they wont bother. This also goes for having your messages on social media turned on - I tend to get a few collaborations requests through there.

Time Frame
If you are selected to do a collaboration, give the brand/PR a time frame (if they don't give you one) in which you are mostly likely to have to blog post published. They will already be looking out for it and if you take months to do so with no contact to them, it can make them not want to work with you again.

The biggest tip I can give, is to be polite in all emails and on social media as these are all a representation of you. Also, if you don't get a reply, don't be disheartened or discouraged from trying again as every brand will be looking at a combination of different things in regards working with bloggers. You could always send them another email in about 6 months - this is what I tend to do.

If there is anything you would like a blog tips post on, please let me know and also if you found this helpful!
Love Laura x


  1. Really good guide - time frame is so important!


  2. This was really helpful! All such great points!


  3. These are great tips Laura! I've always been so afraid of contacting brands but I really don't know why, after all the worst they can say is no!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. There's nothing to be afraid of, just go for it! Like you said, the worse they can say is no

  4. Good tips! I'm looking into doing more product work at the moment so this is just what I needed.

  5. These are such great tips! I want to contact brands but I'm always too scared haha. It's something I'm hoping to work on next year!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

  6. This was a good read - very useful tips too. Thanks for sharing xx

    Wunmi |

  7. These tips are so helpful! I'm always nervous about reaching out to brands and have always wondered about what I should put in my initial email if I do. I've been procrastinating about creating a media kit for a while now, and it's currently sitting half done in pages. I really think I should finish it!

    Juanita x |

    1. Thank you and go finish your media kit! I always keep the initial email pretty simple if that helps

  8. Thank you fo such interesting and usefull post!

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  10. This is really helpful!

  11. This is such a helpful blog post! I've been wanting to work with brands for the longest time now but was nervous about how to get in touch with them and start the ball rolling! X

  12. Thank you for your post! I want to do sponsored product reviews on my blog but I can't seem to figure out how. I was going to wait for them to come to me! I will spend the next week or so reaching our to my favorite brands now.

  13. O thank you girl, this was a much needed post . :)

  14. Thank you so much for this post! Sending out emails to brands is just super intimidating to me because I don't have high page views. I'll try to contact some smaller brands to see if they would be interested.