Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Being Sun Smart With Institut Esthederm

As I have such pale skin, I am always so careful with it and even more when it comes to the warmer summer months where it is going to be exposed to the sun more. Therefore I'm always on the look out for sun protection that is specially formulated not only for the face, but also for fair skin that is more sensitive to the sun, so that is where Institut Esthederm Moderate Face Cream * comes in!


This is from their Adaptasun range which means that each of the products in the range naturally help your skin adapt to the sun which still protecting it to the best. It also helps it to tan rather than burn which is one of the main problems with having such pale skin - believe me, sunburn is not only not a good luck, it can also be extremely painful! This formula is specially made for sensitive skin so you know it's not going to do any harm if your skin is sensitive and also links in with it helping it to not burn too.

While this one is only suitable for when in moderate sun, there is also a 'heavy' formula for when the sun is stronger, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. It also includes Institut Esthederm's patented Global Cellular Protection Technology which prevents cell damage and photo-aging effect from sun damage.

The formula itself feels so creamy and luxurious when applying but doesn't feel greasy in the slightest as it sinks into your skin almost straight away. This also means that even though it feels a little thick and heavy at first, once it is on your face you honestly can't feel it at all! It doesn't have the awful suncream smell either which I was so, so pleased by as it's one of the smells I literally can not stand, but this just has a slight fragrance which wears off. You also apply it to your neck and décolleté which are where your most sensitive skin is 20mins before sun exposure so it can full sink into your skin and start to work at protecting. The packaging is perfect for what the product is, as the orange is so summery and bright while still looking luxurious for a facial suncream.
While I haven't been on holiday this year, I do spend a lot of time outside so I've definitely been able to give this a good test and I can happily report that I've had no sunburn at all to any part of my face! Normally when I'm at a horse show, one side of my face always ends up a different colour but it hasn't happened at all while using this, in fact I'm pretty sure my face does have a little bit of a tan which is very unusual for me!

Have you ever tried anything from Institut Esthederm before?
Love Laura x

*PR gift
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