Monday, 7 August 2017

Base Beauty Diamond Silicone Beauty Blender

One of the strange beauty trends that's been going around for a few months now is using a silicone beauty blender to apply your foundation. The idea behind them is that you end up using a lot less product than you would if you were using either a sponge or brush, as there is no where for the product to sink into. Base Beauty very kindly sent me their Diamond Silicone Beauty Blender to test out and so far, I'm impressed!


Is this not the cutest beauty blender ever?! Anything with glitter just makes everything better! The other silicone beauty blenders I've seen have always looked quite firm and not very flexible whereas this one from Base Beauty is the complete opposite. This one is super flexible making it so easy to use, especially getting around the nose and eyes as you can pretty much bend it in half. With this in mind, it does feel so strange to hold at first! As it's made from medical grade silicone, it doesn't store any bacteria or dirt which should minimise - or even eliminate- breakouts and also means it's long lasting and not tested on animals.

What these silicone beauty blenders are marketed on, is that you will use less product and I can honestly say that this is fact! Normally for foundation I would use 2 pumps while using a sponge but using this one, I only used 1 and even this seemed a little too much. The best example is the highlighter and blusher as the video shows! If you used Base Beauty blender you would save so much money as you wouldn't have to keep replacing items, especially if you use a lot of high end. I also found that it got warmer the longer you held it, which in turn warmed up the product being used. I'm positive that this helped everything to blend into my skin a lot easier rather than just sitting here.

I think really my YouTube video sums everything up so much better than anything I write here could, so you'll have to watch it to see/hear my first impressions of it and how I makes my makeup look! I actually really like using this silicone beauty blender and have found it perfect for the days when I want a lighter coverage or when I'm just wearing concealer.

Have you tried a silicone beauty blender yet and if not, would you?
Love Laura x

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  1. If I was a lighter coverage kind of a person then I'd definitely try this out because I love the idea of something that's medical grade germ-wise and of course using less product is always a huge plus. I tend to favour a good medium coverage though so I'll most likely have to stick to my usual beauty blender for that! This is a really cool little invention though.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode