Saturday, 3 March 2018

Pink Hair & The Greatest Showman

Hands up who's seen (and fallen in love with) The Greatest Showman? Put it this way, I've seen it 3 times already and had the soundtrack on repeat - yes, I know every word to every song even though I can't sing! Of course, I was hugely inspired by the hair and makeup too!



Ok, pink hair, how amazing is it?! I do kind of wish my actual hair was this colour! Anne Wheeler is one of my favourite character in the film - everything is against her but she still does the thing she loves and performs and of course falls in love too! As well as this, her hair and makeup when she's performing isn't over the top but is done to attract the light and give a gorgeous healthy looking glow.

I think this is one of my favourite looks I've done on my channel - it's quite simple but so effective and if you are a performer yourself or just going to under lights, it would look incredible! I always forget how much I love Pixi fairy dust pigments (similar) as they are so pigmented and more metallic than glitter which makes them so wearable and they are exactly what is needed for this look! While it looked like Zendaya had a more gold eye in the film, I chose to use more of bronze mixed with a more pink toned - mainly because I didn't have a gold!  Paired with a pink lip, it just adds to the intensity and would be perfect for a night out. I also love that the lipstick isn't exactly the same shade as the hair as it helps it stand out without being over the top. For the photos, I actually used Kiss Iconic Lashes which were so easy to apply and really helped to bring the look together but still look quite natural. I wish I'd have filmed with these lashes on but I was so scared of it going wrong and me getting glue everywhere - I'm a complete false lashes beginner!

Have you seen The Greatest Showman and what did you think of it and what's your favourite song?
Love Laura x


  1. That's such a nice makeup :) As long as I hate pink colour I just wish I was born with pink hair, this colour feels more natural on my hair than my own.

  2. I feel ya girl! I have been to see The Greatest Showman twice now and would totally go a third time. Your hair looks amazing!

  3. You look so gorgeous and I love the hair! :D

    Roksana |

  4. Oh I was the exact same with The Greatest Showman. As soon as I watched it I just loved it straight away. I still listen to the soundtrack basically every day now!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode