Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Face Mask For Every Occasion

Before this time last year, can you believe that I have never used a face mask before?! That is the honest truth but obviously since then I've tried so many different ones, so I was so excited to try out nspa beauty rituals new range of face masks with each doing something different for your skin.



With 8 masks in the collection, there is one for every type of skin and/or issue that you mag have. There is also a range of different types of masks with most being a 'normal' wash of ones there is also a sheet mask and a peel off mask. The one I reached for first was the Nourishing & Moisturising mask as my face has felt so dry after all the cold and windy (oh, and snow!) weather we've had recently. As it contains both shea butter and sweet almond oil, it's super nourishing to the skin and leaves it feeling super soft and healthy looking.

I've also tried the Brightening & Radiance Peel Off Mask, mainly I reached for this because there's nothing I love more than peeling them off my face - kind of gross but so satisfying! This one contains Papaya and Hops in the formula to help reveal brighter skin. It also exfoliates the skin to help remove dead skin particles which we all know are one of the main reasons for dull skin. After using this mask,  my face felt so smooth and did look brighter, especially the day after.

With all of these masks, you get a surprising amount of product in each sachet - or maybe it's just that I have a small face which is kind of true! With each mask having a different purpose, there is without a doubt one for everyone no matter your skin type or even what type of mask you prefer. Quite a few are also vegetarian and/or vegan and it is stated on he front if it is, so no having to read all the ingredients! These are available exclusively to Asda!

Love Laura x

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