Saturday, 21 July 2018

No Scratch Just Zap-It!

Although summer and the warm weather is something we wait for all year, it does come with some downfalls with the biggest and most annoying being the flies and especially the mosquitos if you go on holiday! The most annoying thing with these bites it how stupidly itchy they get, but why scratch when you can zap?


I know this looks slightly odd, but would you believe that this little gadget can get rid of that urge to itch at a bite?! Trust me, this completely works and not just on mosquito bites, I used it on a midge bite and it made it so much more comfortable and not itchy. When placed on the offending bite and pressing the button, a small and harmless electrical current is released against the bite - it feels like a very gentle pinch so doesn't hurt at all! Trust me, compared to accidentally touching an electric fence it feels like a tickle!

This 'zap' works with your skin and the bite to reduce the histamine produced and stimulate the capillaries around the affected area to flush out the bite toxins and this is what eliminates the itchiness. Such a simple and quick thing to do to stop the aggravation and with the size, you can keep it in your pocket or attach it to your keys. There are also enough 'zaps' in each for up to 1000 bites so it's going to last quite a while unless you are very unlucky!


Of course prevention is always better and normally in the form of a spray such as this one from Vie Healthcare which is a spray for mosquito and insects. As it is DEET free, it is safe for everyone to use, even babies to keep those annoying biting flies at bay. It also doesn't smell too strong or go sticky, it just socks into your skin and you don't have to reapply for a few hours. In the house, the Mosquitan Mosquito Patches are amazing! You simply squeeze to release the essential oils into the patch and stick to a bedside table, window sill etc to help keep the flies away and are safe for the whole family as they aren't applied to the skin.

As I am around horses a lot or just outdoors in general, these are all amazing as I do get bites with annoy the **** out of me, but by using Zap-It it gets rid of this urge to itch therefore making them less painful and the spray to try and keep them away!

It is available at selected Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug, garden centres and health stores for £5.95. The spray and patches are available from amazon.

Are you affected by fly bites in summer?
Love Laura

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