Thursday, 2 August 2018

Andrew Barton Haircare

So I still haven't found the hair products that do anything and everything for my hair yet, but it is of course a case of trail and error! Recently, I've been trying out Andrew Barton haircare range and I may have just found some products that do exactly what I want!


Having frizzy hair not only makes it hard to manage at times, it also makes it get tangled easily and not hold curl. However, the combination of using both the shampoo and conditioner leave it looking so healthy with a gorgeous shine while the oil gets rid of any remaining frizz and makes it super sleek and easy to style! The oil also doesn't make your hair greasy at all and the smallest amount is all you need, so this little bottle with last for ages.

Whenever I think of hair mousse, all I ever get it that crunchy, curly look in my head! However, mousse has complexly changed and, when used right and with a bit of practice, adds volume to even the flattest of hair and can help it to hold a curl. I found this one also added a bit of texture which in turn helped the volume to stay all day! The hairspray is also amazing as it hold your hair in place but still feels lightweight and brushes out when you want it to.

What do you think of the look I did and have you tried anything from Andrew Barton?
Love Laura x

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