Saturday, 6 September 2014

Reverse Hair Washing

My hair natural hair is frizzy. And flyaway. And untameable. I have tried every 'frizz-free' shampoo, condition, serum I can find and nothing seems to make it completely disappear. Along with the frizz, I have to deal with my hair getting greasy the day after it has been washed, meaning I have to wash my hair at least every other day. No fun in all this right? Well, I may have found a solution - reverse hair washing!

This is essentially conditioning your hair first and then shampooing. Sounds completely crazy I know but it does seems to work. This method is ideal for people who have either thin, limp hair or frizzy, as you are washing out nearly all the conditioner so it wont weigh it down or make it go greasy too quickly. As the hair is lighter without any residue of conditioner, it looks like it has more volume, glossier and most importantly for me - frizz-free! After using this method for a week, my hair feels so much more healthy and silky but without the grease. Even other people have been noticing and I have been asked countless times which salon I had been too!

Used the reverse hair washing method, then blow dried around a large barrel brush.

The reverse hair washing method is something I would recommend everyone to at least try and it could make such a difference to your hair. Please bear in mind, it doesn't work on everyone as everyone's hair is different!

Have your tried this method and does it work for your hair?

Love Laura xx

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