Saturday, 30 August 2014

Boux Avenue

OK, I admit it! I may have a slight obsession with buying lingerie - only the pretty kind of course! This of course lead me to Boux Avenue in Manchester Arndale when I was there a few days ago. I have bought a few bits from here before, but this is the first time I have featured them on my blog. I love Boux Avenue straight from the moment I walk in. This is probably to do with a welcoming 'Hello' you get, instead of 'can I help you with anything' you normally get walking into stores before you have even had a chance to look around. Also, each of the stores has a New York-meets-Paris feel to it and you expect everything to be priced to match this but not they are very reasonable for the quality you get.

As I had already purchased items from here, I knew my size and everything so I didn't need to be fitted but of course I did have to try on to be sure. The fitting rooms are so nice and pretty and huge compared to any other store I think I have ever been in! Each room is fitted with a floor to ceiling mirror and each has 3 different lighting uses - daylight, night and dusk (my favourite!) - so you can see exactly how your new lingerie or bikini is going to look.

I decided to buy the Tatiana T-Shirt Bra. Now, normally T-shirt bras are very normal and somewhat boring looking, as they are meant to be just simple, but this bra has lace just on the top of the cups and a small bow in the middle of the cups and also at the start of each straps. This gives it a little something and, to me, lace always adds just a little bit of sexiness! The straps can also be clipped back to create a racer-back if needed. To go with the bra, I got the Lia Lacy Short. These are gorgeous and the lace material is so soft to touch! Also, the small bow and Boux Avenue little heart charm is a nice touch too.

Everything was wrapped in tissue paper, with scented rose petals which smell amazing, and then placed in a cute little box. I think this is such a lovely touch and makes everything feel more expensive then it was!

I would defiantly recommend Boux Avenue to anyone, they have such a huge range of beautiful lingerie and nightwear - I just want to buy everything! I have found that everything is true to size, even when you are on the smaller side like me.

Have you been in Boux Avenue? What do you think of their stores/lingerie?

Love Laura xx

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  1. Wrapped with rose petals!? How lovely! This set is gorgeous, thanks for sharing (totally checking them out)

    Kaitlyn xo