Monday, 18 August 2014

Moose Coffee Manchester

After a busy few weeks, I finally had time to meet up with one of my best friends and head into Manchester city centre for a bit of retail therapy and to get, in our words, good food! Hence the reason we ended up at one of our favourite places - Moose Coffee.

This is an American style coffee shop which specialises in breakfast/brunch style food, as it is only open during the day. (8am-6pm during the week, 9am-5pm on Saturday, 10am-4pm on Sunday) For the people who know Manchester, it is on the corner of Fountain Street and York Street.This is defiantly a place to get to early as it does get very busy, but their menu is full of American goodness it is worth it!

We both had 3 pancakes with crispy bacon which also came with butter and a little jug of maple syrup. And they were huge - you defiantly wont leave Moose Coffee hungry! They are some of the nicest pancakes I have ever had and although having them with bacon may not sound appealing it works amazingly. The service there is also good and the staff are friendly and you can actually get a smile from them even though the place is so busy. Although there is jazz type music playing, you can barly hear it above the general chit-chatter of the place and you also see so many different types of people in there, it shows what a great place Moose Coffee is.

I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone who goes to Manchester - just make sure your hungry before you go!

Love Laura x

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