Wednesday, 12 August 2015

KISS Cosmetics Mini

Mini's are a perfect way to sample a product without having to splash out for the full size and not liking it. (We've all been there!) They are also amazing to take away with you, as they don't take up much room/weight. This is why I was so excited to receive my mini lipstick* from KISS Cosmetics! This is also the first of their products I have been given the chance to test and first impressions are amazing!

The lipstick is a sample from their SheerStick collection, meaning that it is a lightweight and translucent with a shimmer colour. The shade I received was 'Delicate Apricot' which is oranagy peach shade, making it perfect for any skin tone. The lipstick gives you a slight colour to your lips and lives them nourished for hours - even after eating/drinking! As it is sheer (something I never really wear) I was unsure on how it would feel to wear, but I can confirm that it feels just like wearing Maybelline's Baby Lips and doesn't feel sticky at all, even though the effect looks similar to that of lip gloss.

The lipstick tube is simple with just the brand on the side. One thing that would be good to include on it however, would be the shade name. It is the perfect size for a sample and still easy to hold when applying, even though it is tiny.

I can't wait to try out more from KISS Cosmetics, as their products seem really good quality and they also have such a huge range of colours to choose from. Have you tried anything from them?

Love Laura x
*This product has been gifted/sent
for review by PR and/or the brand


  1. Love the idea of a mini lipstick, cant remember the last time I used a full one up anyway!
    Summer xx

  2. This colour is gorgeous! x

  3. What a lovely colour! I might have to check these out for myself, such a lovely collection of shades. xo