Wednesday, 19 April 2017

XIP Professional

I'm the first to admit that contouring is one makeup 'trend' that I still can't completely do/pull off, mainly the darker contour shade as it always seems to go wrong! Saying that, it may be that I haven't found the right shade that works for my skin tone as I am quite pale, so having a palette that has a few different choices is exactly what I need. My contouring fairy godmother has come in the form of XIP Professional and their amazing palettes!


XIP Professional, which stands for Xetremly Important Person does just that, you feel like a VIP when you use and wear their products as they are such high quality. They work with makeup artists to create every product so they work we each and every skin tone, meaning there is something for everyone. The packaging with its white with gold, embossed text looks very high end (wouldn't look out of place in Selfridges etc!) and professional while still looking modern. All products are also cruelty free too!


Golden Touch Sculpting Palette & Brush - Powder *

This is like my dream contour palette as there are shades which are perfect for my pale skin and this is down to them having a more of a pink undertone, especially to the highlighting shades. The contour shades are warm toned but not too much and they don't make your skin look muddy at all. They are mostly highly pigmented (there was just one I found that the brush just wouldn't pick up for some reason!) and feel very soft and velvety, both in the pan and when applied and they stay all day without fading or just full out disappearing! The brush is shaped perfectly to fit to the contours of your face and is so, so soft while still allowing to pick up product with minimal fall out.


Golden Touch Sculpting Palette & Brush - Cream *

This is the first time I have ever tried a cream contour palette and I'm actually surprised with how easy it is to use! Each of the shades is so creamy they glide effortlessly onto skin and blend in without moving all your base makeup, Each shades is highly pigmented and are easy to apply with either a brush or even your finger for a more natural look. Once again, the brush is perfect for it's job and unbelievably soft while still being able to pick up enough product. I would say that the shades are more warm toned, so bare that in mind if you decide to buy.


24 Karat Glow Blissful Bronzer *

This has to be one of the best bronzer palettes I have ever tried and I think this is down to the fact that there is a matte and shimmer powders which are quite similar in shades. They both add such a healthy bronze to your face without it looking fake - exactly what we all need after looking at all those Coachella instagrams, right?! Once again, these feel very velvety and are so pigmented that one touch of the brush to the powder is all you need! Saying this, they are also buildable to get the look you desire. They also contain Nylon-12 which is a natural absorbent to make sure the matte stays matte!

Opal Black Mascara *

Finally a double ended mascara that actually works! The fuller end is perfect or adding volume and length while the smaller end is more for bottom lashes and added precision. As the formula is enriched with Ylang Ylang and orange oil, it helps to encourage your lashes to grow both in length and volume - even after using it for a short time, I've seen a difference in my lashes and they look like they are starting to grow! It is also the blackest of black, which is what I always go for.

For such a new beauty brand, I've been amazing with the high quality of each of the products and have truly enjoyed using them - even if my contour still goes a little (or a lot) wrong at times! I love the fact that each palette has a range of different shades and the shimmer of the bronzer is perfect for adding a healthy glow to skin. Everything just seems very well made and professional, from the packaging to the products themselves. So with that, I'm off to practice my contour!

Have you heard of XIP Professional and what are your favourite contour palettes?
Love Laura x

*Brand sample
All opinions are my own


  1. I am okay at contouring with powder but find creams more harder to apply. I do like the look of the XIP palette though. Gorgeous xx

    1. I'm normally the same but I found these creams really easy to blend in and didn't pull foundation off either x

  2. They look amazing! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)

  3. wow great. I love it. Following you <3

    1. Isn't is just and thank you so much!