Saturday, 22 July 2017

Cleansing Made Simple With SensseGo!

For me, cleansing is one of the most important things and something I genuinely look forward to at the end of the day, taking my makeup off and getting rid of the daily grime off my face! Of course, anything to speed up this part of the day is always greatly appreciated and it has come to me in the form of SensseGo! Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush! *



This little gadget has honestly changed my skin! It's made it feel smoother and look more radiant and glowy which it never has before, so basically, it just looks a lot healthier than ever! Not only that, I love the fact that it is small and perfect for travel, so there's no excuse for not cleansing no matter where in the world or how far from home you are. With it being travel sized, it also fits perfectly into the palm of your hand making it so easy to use and hold, alongside it being super lightweight.

It comes with 2 brushes, a softer cleanser brush and an exfoliator. Out of the two, I tend to use the softer one more as I feel it suits my skin the most, plus I find it easier to use an exfoliator with my hands - completely personal choice and it's through no fault of the machine which actually does an amazing job! When cleansing, you simply remove your makeup, wet your face, apply your cleanser and then use the SensseGo! to really work the product into your skin. Can I say, it does this amazingly?! It really works the product into every part of your skin to help it feel really clean and gets into every pore. As someone with oily and blemish prone skin, this is uh-mazing and my pores actually look smaller and I've seen less breakouts which is just unbelievable to me and I haven't been using any new or different products on my skin at all, so it is all down to the little gadget.


As it has two speeds, you can choose the one which works best for you, I would say the faster speed for cleansing and the slower one for exfoliating but it really is just a case of trail and error really. I also found the just wetting the brush slightly before using it on your face really helps it to work with the product and get the full outcome from it all. It is also so easy to charge and doesn't take long at all, I've actually only charged it once in the time I've had it.

Honestly, I was a little unsure on how it would work for cleansing but I've been completely surprised and can honestly say that I've used the SensseGo! Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush daily since I received it and my skin has never looked and felt better! So, what better way to fully sum up my love than having a little giveaway for you to win your very own?!

Ends 21st August 2017 and winner will be contacted then.
Good Luck!
Love Laura x

*PR gift
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  1. Absolutely loving the sound of this! I used to have a Clarasonic but would love to try something a lot smaller and different, and this sounds like it would work wonders with my skin! xx Thanks for sharing! x
    Marina xx