Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Candy O'Lady Skincare

Korea is well know for it's innovation with skincare, but until recently I had never tried anything. If you have been reading or following me this year, you will know that skincare is the one thing I've been really trying with and testing out different types of products to find out what work for me. Candy O'Lady sent me two of their products which are unlike anything I've ever seen/used before!


You really have to watch my YouTube video to fully see just how unique these both are, especially the cleanser which is so unusual!

The Candy Crush Cleanser is without a doubt the most unusual skincare products I have ever used! The balls are actually the cleanser with the idea being that as you only use each once, it is more hygienic as you are only touching the products once. They are really simple to use - once you know how - as you just wet it in your hand until it crushes and then rub it over your face and rise off with warm water. I made the mistake when filming of not crushing it, but you can still see how well they remove makeup and left my skin feeling clean and smooth. In each tin you get so many and they are a few different colours but they all do seem to smell the same to me but they do look so cute and kind of like sweets, as I said in the video!

The Pink Grapefruit Ade Mist honestly smell incredible - how I wish there was smell-o-YouTube so you could get a sniff of it yourselves! It makes your skin feel very fresh and gives a slight glow which makes it perfect to use both under foundation and over as it doesn't turn your face cakey or patchy at all. It can just give a nice, natural glow to the skin.

These are both unlike anything I've ever used before, especially the cleanser balls that you crush - I really think the video shows them a lot better than a written review though, so make sure you watch it!
Have you ever tried any Korean skincare before?
Love Laura x


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  1. These products are so cute! And I bet they really do smell amazing. Korea has such innovative beauty brands!