Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Daughter Of The Soil

If you have been reading my blog a lot this year, you will know that I've really been trying to up my skincare game! Saying that, it has mainly been concentrated on my face and the rest of my body has been slightly ignored, in particular my hands which are exposed to the elements at all times!



Daughter Of The Soil is a brand that uses 100% natural ingredients and is free from any synthetic chemicals that can be harsh to the skin and cause irritation. All their products contain many African botanical oils which are not only amazing for your skin but also to the environment as they are naturally occurring oils and are from sustainable sauces. These oils have been used in Africa for centuries to nourish and moisturise as well as for their anti-aging properties.

Both the hand wash and hand lotion smell incredible - I seriously can't get enough of the scent which is sort of fresh and like essential oils which of cause comes from the inclusion of so many oils in it! The hand wash makes your hands feel super clean and makes them feel so moisturised and healthy. The lotion isn't too heavy so sinks quickly into your skin leaving your hands feeling so soft and nourished. As I spend a lot of time outside, dry hands are the bane of my life and finding something that works but isn't oily is so hard, but this one does it all and more!

The packaging is right up my street with it being simple and I love the copper. The design on the bottom of the hand wash is also very African/tribal - I wish this was also on the lotion bottle to really tie the two together. These are a little pricy at £16 each but you do get a lot for your money and only need a small amount for each use. Also, as they do use sustainable ingredients they are totally worth the money!

Have you ever tried Daughter Of The Soil and what is your favourite hand lotion?
Love Laura x

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