Thursday, 9 January 2014

2-tone Nails

Hey! :)
Here’s an idea for your nails, as everyone knows they can make a real difference to an outfit!
One of my favourite designs for nails is 2-tone.

Choose two strong colours which are in contrast to each other. When doing this design I use Nails Inc nail polish as they only need 1 coat to give your nails a good coverage.
Start painting your nails with the chosen colours alternating each nail then allow to complatly dry.
Then using a post-it note stick it to the bottom half of your nail so that the top half is uncovered, then simply paint on the other nail polish. Then peel off the post-it note and you should be left with a 2-tone nail. Repeat this for every nail.

There you go, you should now have 10 2-tone nails! What do you think?

Lot of love
Laura xx

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