Sunday, 19 January 2014

Purple Lipstick - Finally Found!

After searching different drug stores/high street stores and the internet for a purple lipstick (can only seem to find reds and pinks) I have finally found one without the luxury price tag. After doing an Google search, I have found that the shop that gets my prize for actually selling a purple lipstick is (drumroll) --- Claires!

Now this is not normally somewhere I would go in as it seems to have been stereotypes that only young teenage girls go in, but I was genuinely surprised as I never would have thought about buying any sort of make-up from there. However, this lipstick is amazing!

As you can see, it looks just like a lipstick you would get from any other brand you may find in a drugstore and there are no child-like colours/drawings on the container or the box it can in. (was just black and silver too) The clear lid is also good, meaning you can see the exact colour straight away.

Needless to say this was tested straight away! It looks quite dark when I tested in on my hand (I am quite pale skinned anyway!) but when its on my lips it is more of a violet shade with a hint of pink. It feels quite oily as first but once blotted it seems fine and last for a few hours. Yes this may not be quite as long as a regular lipstick, but for the price I'd say it was pretty good! I did use a lip brush to apply to make it slightly easier to get my cupids arrow just right.
I guess purple lipstick can be seen as a gothicy colour but this is defiantly more fashion than anything and it still subtle enough to be worn during the day as long as the rest of your make it subtle, let the lipstick stand out only!
Also, like I said, Claires is not a place I would ever really go into, but after buying this lipstick, I may have to visit a bit more often and also buy the other colour lipsticks they sell. While I was in there I did have a quick nosey around the store and yes there may be more child-like things but it is a shop aimed at young teenagers, but if you can be bothered to look you can find some good things. I did like the look of some of their hair kits (buns, bows etc) and also their clip on earrings, as I currently don't have my ears pieced.

Well there you have it! Instead of going through a lot of shops and internet sites for a purple lipstick without the luxuary price tag head to Claires - it was only £3!!

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Love Laura xx

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