Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19 - Christmas Chat

Bit of a chatty one today, which I don't feel I do enough of! First of, how are you all enjoying reading Blogmas? I never knew it was so hard to do and how much planning and time it would take up when I said I would do it, but I'm so glad I am - it has defiantly got me even more into the festive spirit! The amount of people I have told that I'm doing Blogmas, think it is so easy to do but they honestly don't know the work that goes into it. I think this is the same for blogging full stop - people think it's the easiest thing to do, when it is actually a lot of hard work to make sure everything is at the highest standard it can be and then the promoting afterwards.

Anyway carrying one from my little rant there - I can't want for Christmas, mainly the food HA! Honestly the best part for me, everything is so tasty and because everyone is in such a good mood, it always tastes better - or is that just me being slightly weird?! Oh, and of course eating way too much and not being able to move after! I still have to though as I'll have to go and bring my horse in and feed her and maybe ride if it's not too dark or I'll just wait for Boxing Day like I normally do. It's kind of a tradition to me now that I go out for a Boxing Day ride and put a bit of tinsel on Bonnie and her Christmas boots. She looks so cute and honestly not bothered about me dressing her up - well that and she's used to it now!

Don't know about you, but it the only thing I seem to be watch right now are Christmas films and the amount of time I've watch the Santa Clause is ridiculous! Have to say it is one of my favourite festive films, along with Home Alone. I have watched both of these ever since I can remember and me and my dad especially watch them every year, along with pretty much anything else Christmassy we can find!

Do you like chatty posts like this and o you think I should do more? Let me know, so I know if I should to do more or not!
Love Laura x

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