Monday, 27 May 2019

Blush Atelier

Hands up, who else is a huge lingerie lover and has so much they have no room left?! I really hope it's not just me, but if it is, oh well! While I love all lingerie, little lace bralettes take up a huge portion of my collection and this is where a new brand, Blush Atelier comes in.

I'm always on the look out for new lingerie brands to try out, even more so to independent brands so I was so happy to receive the Ebony bralette from Blush Atelier to coincide with their shop launch. Not only is this bralette gorgeous to look at, the fabric is incredibly soft and so comfortable to wear either on it's own or as outerwear. The lace also has such a gorgeous design to it with the flowers and it adds a girly element to something which could just be seen a sexy as it is made from just black lace.

While the band and straps are elasticated and comfortable, I would have preferred adjustable straps, especially for the shoulders straps, but then again straps tend to never really fit me properly so this could just be down to me!

I love how simple and elegant this bralette is while still having a bit of a sexy element to it as it is made completely of lace. Blush Atelier are a brand which is aimed towards us girls while smaller chests (yay to the itty bitty titty club!) so all their items are designed to enhance what you got!

*Brand gift
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