Saturday, 18 March 2017

Threads Beauty False Eyelashes

The one beauty 'thing' I still can't get the hang off is false lashes and to try and conquer them, I like trying different brands to see if I can find ones that are easier to apply. Next up on my 'to try' list are from Threads Beauty, a brand which does brow threading and nails and also sells a huge range of false lashes from which they very kindly send me two pairs to try out.



The first set are the Sex Kitten lashes * and these are so far from what I would normally go for but I actually really like them! These are super full lashes that really frame your eyes, so are perfect for if you are doing a more dramatic makeup look. As they have quite a thick band, you do have to have some sort of eyeliner on so it blends in - I found using an eyeshadow and a very small brush the best way! Saying this, I found the thicker band made them a lot easier to apply and get as close to the lase line as possible because there was more to it if that makes sense. The lashes themselves are set at an angle, which makes them look and feel so fluttery without looking too thick in the centre or inner corner.

I also got the Be-Bop lashes * which are a lot more natural looking, so are perfect for everyday wear. The band is a lot thinner than the other lashes, more of what you would expect it to be so I did find them harder to apply, but like I said I am certainly no expert and always find false lashes so hard to put on so that is more of a reflection on me than the product. These are so fluttery and lightweight, you almost forget you're wearing them and I love that they have both long and shorter length hairs to make them look more natural and easier to blend in with your natural lashes.

As for wear, both these sets of lashes last all day using just the free glue they come with - don't be put off by the look of the tube, I have found it way better than some of the branded and hyped lash glues on the market! They are also reusable and I have use the Be-Bop lashes multiple times and you honestly can't tell and they still look brand new.

Are you a false lash fane and have your tried any from Threads Beauty?
Love Laura x

*Brand sample
All opinions are my own


  1. I find it very hard to put on false lashes too, especially as I have small eyes. But it is great that you can use the lashes more than once!

    1. I found these really good as I have smaller eyes too but didn't have to trim them to fit!