Saturday, 11 March 2017

Technic Cosmetics

Technic Cosmetics isn't a brand you hear a lot about, but I get the feeling you soon will be! Having used (and loved) one of their highlighting palettes for a while now, I was thrilled to receive some of the products from their new range and they have really upped their game. These products are well in good contention with the more well know drugstore brands as they are amazingly good quality for the price.



Juicy Stick*
A gorgeous pinky-nude, this is such a wearable shade. It is quite pigmented and it is sort of in-between a lipstick and a lip balm in terms of formula, but this makes it moisturising which is exactly what you need with this cold and windy weather we are having! However, this doesn't give it great staying power, but with it being so cute and a crayon, it is perfect to just throw in your bag for touch ups on the go.

Powder Brush*
This is such a soft brush and I can believe it's not from a high end brand! The quality is simply amazing and I love the orange handle to add a touch of fun. I've been using this constantly since I received it and there has been so bristle fall out, even after it has been washed multiple times and it picks up just the right amount of product without it 'clogging' up the brush.

Eyeshadow Primer*
I was so intrigued by this product when it arrived as I have never seen a shimmery primer before, but I can now see why it is the perfect base for shimmer and/or glitter eye shadows. It is a peachy shimmer shade that glides effortlessly onto your eyes and it easy to blend out - I actually preferred to do this with my finger rather than a brush. This stops eyeshadow creasing so well and the glitter particles in a shimmer/glitter eyeshadow seem to stick to it even tough it isn't tacky - it's like magic!

Mega Lash Mascara*
Mascara is the one makeup item I'm a little fussy about because I know exactly what I want it to do, but I am always up for trying a new brand and, once again, I've been pleasantly surprised with Technic again! This gives amazing length and curl to lashes and the brush helps get right into the roots of each lash without making it go clumpy. The formula is also quick drying (perfect for if you suddenly sneeze!) and is the blackest of black and doesn't flake off even after wearing all day.

Give me something shiny/glittery and I'm all in! I have to admit, I was little wary of this highlighter at first, mainly because it's so shimmery (the photos don't really show just how much) and also it looks quite a bright pink in the pan. When applied to skin however, the pink is a lot more subtle and it gives such a healthy glow with just the right amount of glitter.

Technic Cosmetics have really surprised me with the amazing quality of their products and, like I said, I've been using some of this constantly since I got them! I really want to try out more of their products to see how they are - if I can get my hands on everything, would you like a 'full face' tutorial/look type post? Or would you prefer me to try and get going on Youtube and do the same thing? Let me know either way!
Love Laura x

*Brand sample
All opinions are my own

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  1. This is the first time I hear about Technic Cosmetics, but having more affordable and good makeup product options is always a great thing! Are their products online only or can I find them in stores as well? I might have a look :D x