Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Pixi X Aspynovard

If you are a regular read of my blog or follow me over on Instagram, you will know that I'm a huge loved of Pixi Beauty and have quite the collection of their products. You will have also seen this image which shows the most amazing PR gift I received from them (honestly, I'm still not over it!) with all their new products in collaborations with some amazing beauty creators. As there is such a lot, I though I would do a more detailed post on each of the collaboration - first up Aspyn Ovard!


Top - Santorini Sunset
Middle - Rome Rose
Bottom - London Lustre

These highlighters are probably some of the best I have tried, as they give a gorgeous healthy glow that still looks natural. This is one thing I always struggle with, with highlighters as many have too much glitter particles in, which just look 'false' on your skin, but that certainly isn't the case here! 'London Lustre' * is more of pearl/nude shade which also makes it perfect for paler skin whereas 'Santorini Sunset' * is more peach toned and would look amazing with a tan. Both of these shades correspond so nicely with their names as you expect to have more of a tan in Santorini than London! 'Rome Rose' * is the most gorgeous blush shade and adds just the right amount of colour with a hint of shimmer and, once again, looks so natural. All of these are velvety soft and highly pigmented, which helps them to last for hours once applied and blend so easily into your foundation.

In the Eye Accents * set, there is a brow gel and a lower lash mascara. This is the product I was most excited to use as I always get mascara everywhere when I do my lower lashes, mainly because I use a brush that is too big but now I have no excuse! It has the perfect size brush which gets right into the roots to give complete, even coverage and added length. I've also use it to get into the roots on my top lashes which has made them look super black and frame my eye a lot better. It also dry pretty quick and doesn't flake off at all but is also easy to remove when need. The brow gel is perfect to set the hairs in place, particularly helpful if you are in-between brow appointments! The brush is the perfect length to do brows with and the formula doesn't leave them feeling 'crispy' - would be perfect for an all natural look.

Personally, I think the highlighters and the lower lash mascara are 'must have' beauty products, I have been using them pretty much every day since I received them and had so many comments from people on my highlight - normally I use 'London Lustre' as it suits my skin tone the best!
Have you used any of these products and what collaboration would you like to see next?
Love Laura x

*PR/brand gift
All opinions are my own


  1. Wow! Interesting post. Pixi X Aspynovard has a lot of useful beauty products on offer, I particularly like the lower lash mascara and the eyebrow gel which I can see myself putting to good use!

    1. Thank you and these products are amazing! Hope you manage to get your hands on them!

  2. The packaging is right up my alley, I love that pistachio/mint green colour. The lower lash mascara is rather intriguing, I've tried using the ones by Clinique but they didn't quite work out for me, I found it clumped too much. Might have to look at these in future.

    1. The packaging is gorgeous isn't it?! I didn't mind the mascara to clump at all or flake off etc, so it's worth having a go with it