Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dolly's Mixtures Shower Gels | Asda Beauty

After a long day, particularly when it's cold and wet outside, there is nothing I love more than a good bath with gorgeously scented products. While I normally go for quite a citrusy scented bubble bar, Asda Beauty kindly sent me two of their new shower gel (that can also be used in the bath) to try out from their new range.


These are by Dolly's Mixtures - hence the sweets they sent alongside - so of course they are sweet scented and smell exactly like you would expect and considering they are based on sweets, the scent isn't sickly sweet at all, so it's still quick relaxing. Marshmallow * and Rainbow Sherbet* are the two I have and I love them both, but I feel you get more of the scent when they are in the bath rather than from the bottle - it must be when it is mixed with the hot water. It is quite a thin, runny formula but foams up well, so a little goes a long way to get the bubbliest bath you have ever had! With this, I feel that they are better suited to pouring into running water in the bath rather than using in the shower to get the most out of the product.

How cute is the packing?! It feels so retro which I guess is kind of the idea as dolly mixture sweets are so retro - also, so hard to buy anywhere now! These will really stand out on the shelf because of this and I just think they look so, so cute and fun. These are definitely shower gels for both children and adults from the bright packing and products to the sweet inspired scents. Asda also have a few other scents to choose from - there are 5 in the range, so something to suit everyone's taste!

Are these going to be something you are going to pick up next time you're in Asda?
Love Laura x

*PR/Brand sample
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  1. I am a sucker for sweet scented fragrances and bath stuff. I love in the Lush shop. Love this post, has tempted me into trying these shower gels, especially the Marshmallow one x

    1. Same with love buying things from Lush but these are right up there in the same category!

  2. I love sweet-smelling bath products, it's shame I don't have a bath in my student house right now so I can't test these out. I used to love coming home after a long, cold day and getting in the bath. I'm sure I would love the Sherbet one. I agree the packaging is super cute!

    Tia | The 10am Blog

    1. Although they work better in the bath, you can use them in the shower too! I know, how cute are the bottles?!