Friday, 27 June 2014

Let Me Take A Celfie

Slogan tees are everywhere at the moment and have been seen on everyone from bloggers to celebrities. An amazing thing with slogan tees is that they can be dressed up or down so easily and be worn to any sort of event you may be attending.

One of the most popular slogans is 'Celfie'. This fits with the massive selfie trend and is also based on the luxury brand Celine - a very clever way to mix the two!

This Celfie shirt is from H&M and is a pale peach/nude shade, which is perfect for the summer months. The material is so soft and comfortable to wear. I also love the slightly longer sleeves as it gives the T-shirt a more 'lived-in' appearance and feel. The main text has a slight painted on effect which I absolutely love!
What do you think of this slogan T-Shirt? Something you would wear?
Love Laura xx


  1. so cute! But I usually don't wear graphic t shirts with words on them :P I prefer more abstract designs + solid shirts for some reason...

    1. I normally stick to solid colours too but this was so cute it had to be bought! x