Thursday, 12 June 2014

River Island Feather Bag

Feathers are such a huge trend for this season with them being used in everything from shorts to headdresses. This is why I am absolutely in love with this bag from River Island. It defiantly ticks the feather trend! Although it is a little on the pricy side at £30, it is so gorgeous you will want to use it every time you step out of the house, so you get your money's worth from this bag.

While it is only small, there is enough room for your phone, a few bits of make up and money. What is especially good is that there is a small inside pocket, which has a zip, that is perfect for putting your money in. It also has 2 'popper' fastenings that secure the bag shut.

This bag adds such a unique texture to an outfit on a night out and will be the envy of your friends! The gold chain complements the bag so well and goes perfectly with whichever colour you decide upon. the chain is also long enough to either be worn long on one shoulder and or can be crossed over the body.

While this bag rocks the feather trend, it also fits in with the pastel trend, as it is available in both pink and lilac.


This is the perfect bag for a girly-girl with its bright, cute feathers and shape and is completely useable for all sorts of events, as it does still have a smart feel to it.

What do you think of this bag?

Love Laura xx