Saturday, 7 March 2015

Black Tied

I love buying new jewellery - anything sparkly, shiny or glittery and I'm there! I'm sure I must be part magpie! Instagram is somewhere I tend to look for new brands and this is where I found Black Tied. I knew I couldn't leave their site without buying something. Black Tied is an independent jewellery store based in Ireland, but deliver worldwide. All their pieces are handmade and feature genuine gemstones, crystals and metals.

I chose to get a personalised name silver cuff bracelet (see here) and had my name engraved on it. One thing I love about this cuff is that it can be squeezed together slightly to fit my very small wrist, but it doesn't loose it's shape when this is done. The silver is bright and eye catching - something you always want from a piece of jewellery. I also loved the customization and it isn't too much and doesn't fill up the entire bracelet, which is what I have seen on other jewellery pieces from other brands.

I also got the sideways gold anchor necklace. This is so dainty and cute that it can be worn with anything and everything. Although I am not normally a fan of gold jewellery, the size of both the pendant and chain are lovely without being too 'in-your-face'. Also, I have a little bit of a love for anchors anyway!

I have barely taken these jewellery pieces off since I received them and I have had some lovely comments from people asking about them. This has especially been about the cuff bracelet, as you don't really get the chance to customise a piece of jewellery for an affordable price. The packaging they came in was also super cute, as it was a leopard print paper bag - I wish more companies used such snazzy bags! 

I can't wait to buy more from Black Tied now and they have defiantly become my go-to place now for jewellery pieces. I also love the fact that they are all handmade!

Love Laura xx


  1. I really like you blog.It is very neat and clean.Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thank you so much - means a lot to hear that :)
      Laura x