Saturday, 28 March 2015

#TrendsIllustrated with Dom&Ink

Well today was exciting day for me as I was invited to my very first blogger event!!! (insert happy dance) The event was #TrendsIllustrated in collaboration with Dom&Ink and Manchester Arndale to promote the different fashion looks there are in the city and based around the S/S 15 trends. For those of you who don't know, Dom&Ink (real name Dom Evans) is a fashion illustrator and author of 'Map My Style' which is part journal and part style guide when you can go along and fill things in etc - its unlike anything I've seen before!


Now, onto the event itself. This was open to everyone who had spent over £60 while shopping in the Arndale over the weekend but, as a blogger special, I very luckily got mine for free, although I defiantly wouldn't have had a problem in suspending the desired amount! With the choice of either a unisex tee or a cropped there was something for everyone whatever their style. There was a huge range of background shapes, colours, and images along with Dom's amazing illustrations - there were so many to choose from - I was defiantly spoilt for choice. In the end, I got a simple circle with a marble effect fill along with lips and unicorns. I agree it does sound a little crazy but you might as well go all out if you get the chance to design your own tee and as you can see it does actually work. The tees were printed quickly so there wasn't any waiting round - not that I really noticed as I may have been slightly busy talking - and were placed in these cute brown paper bags which reminded me of old fashioned lunch bags?

The tees themselves are really good quality and one thing that surprised me was the way the images was printed on as it is directly on the garment and not one of those iron on then it peels of things. There were so many illustrations to choose from and had everything from pizza to a mermaid! Each was drawn out so well and had so much detail - if you haven't seen Dom's work before you really should check it out.

I had such a good day and met some lovely bloggers also from Manchester who made me feel so welcome at my first event. I now have a few blogger friends! Also thank you to the team at Manchester Arndale for the invite and to Dom&Ink for creating such amazing designs in the first place!

From Manchester Arndale Twitter

Love Laura x


  1. So lovely meeting you and glad you had a great time as well! Hope to see you again soon :) x

    1. Was so nice meeting you too and the walk up to the station :) Hope to see you at another event soon!
      Laura x