Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Music Series - Studio Recorded Music

We all hear music that has been recorded in a studio, yet some people look down their noses at it or, in extreme cases, refuse to listen to it at all. Personally, I think this is completely stupid and maybe slightly childish. After all, a studio atmosphere is where pretty much all the music you hear will have originally come from. Yes, it may not quite be good as seeing that singer/band live, but at least you can hear the track without all the screaming! Oh and you also don't get deafened by said screams either!

Of course, artists record music as a way of distributing their sound to a VERY wide audience so many people will hear it in a lot of different countries. This is so easily done now with things such as iTunes and Soundcloud and not just relying on actual CD's. Doing recorded music is also easier for non-record label signed artists, as more people are likely to hear them and it is easier and cheaper than organising live music events.

Most obviously, recorded music can be played and replayed as many times as you wish any time you want. Whereas in a live music venue, the sound can vary in each place, but with tracks that have been recorded in a studio, they have been perfected and approved by the artist and sound exactly how they are intended to be.

The main thing I love about recorded music is the intimacy it gives, as it is just you and the sound. Well, if you are playing it through earphones and not at a party/club etc! It can make you feel so much and so many different emotions that you may not get when seeing the artist(s) live, as there may be too many distractions or the sound quality may not be brilliant.

One of the best things with studio recorded music is that we can still hear the music from artists who are no longer with us...their music lives on though recordings.

Do you agree with this and what are your thoughts on recorded music?

Love Laura x

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