Saturday, 21 March 2015

Signature Fragrances London

Like most girls, I love a new perfume and I recently discovered Signature Fragrances London on Instagram, and I was lucky enough to be be sent a sample of 'Endure'* from them - I am absolutely in love with it!
If you haven't heard of Signature Fragrances London, they are a brand which was founded by Solomon and Yinka who have a passion for perfumery and created a unique range of fragrances that everyone could enjoy. Their belief is that ‘your perfume has the right to be smelt by others'. This means that they use pure parfum, which is perfume in its strongest form and lasts a lot longer than eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Signature Fragrances London has rekindled the true nature of perfume buy providing perfume oils that has little to no alcohol. They firmly believe in the quality of the ingredients rather than quantity.

'Endure' is one of their floral scents and it is described as being extremely sultry and well as being warm, sweet and soft. The base notes vanilla, white musk, incense and I feel the musk comes through and helps to give it the sultry, soft notes to the perfume. The heart notes are opoponax, jasmine, parma violet, rose, with the top notes being blackcurrant, bulgarian rose, mandarin orange. The mandarin orange defiantly stands out when you first use this scent and I personally love it as it adds to the sweetness. I feel this is the perfect scent for a date night, as it is both sweet but sultry, adding that little bit of sexiness.

One amazing thing with this little sample, is that you only need one dab of the scent and it lasts for hours. Also, the longer you wear it, the more the other  levels of the scent come out, meaning it does change ever so slightly but makes it completely different from any other perfume you might buy. I would recommend Signature Fragrances London to anyone who wants to try a different type of scent and using parfum in its purest form.

Also, can I say thank you to Signature Fragrances London for sending me this sample - I have enjoyed wearing it and also the comments from other people have been amazing!

Love Laura x

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