Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening

One thing I have unfortunately never had is those sparkling white teeth that everybody lusts after - not even as young child. As you can guess it is something I have always wanted but never had the funds to have anything done at a dentist, where I absolutly hate going! Therefore, I was so happy to receive a 2 week supply of Mr. Blanc*.


This consists of 14 sachets that each contain a upper and lower strip which you apply to your teeth for 30 mins everyday for 2 weeks. Although this sounds a long time, I honestly forgot I was wearing them after about 5mins! Even after the day of using these strips I saw a massive different in the colour of my teeth without them looking unnatural in anyway. 
One thing I particularly love about Mr. Blanc is that it is natural and peroxide free meaning that they don't make your teeth sensitive which is what can someone's happening with whitening kits. Another amazing thing is that as they are flexible strips, they confirm to the shape of your teeth - perfect for me as I don't have straight teeth but means that the whitening gel is still applied to all teeth and to every part of the. 

The strips are easy to apply but I would defiantly recommend drying your teeth first as it does help the strip to stick and stay in place for the duration. To use you simply open a sachet, apply the strips to your teeth (long for the top and short fro the bottom), fold over the excess and leave for 30mins. After the time is up, peal off the strip and brush your teeth to remove any gel residue then admire your beautiful white teeth! The gel also has no taste so no need to worry about that either!

After using these for the 2 weeks I am so so happy with how my teeth now look and I can wait to get another supply of them. Thanks to Mr. Blanc I now feel so much more confident and able to actually smile properly in photos - something I have always tried to avoid doing in the past. 

Love Laura x

P.S I apologise for the lack of photos, especially the before and after ones. Like I said, my teeth are something I am very conscious off so taking photos is a little too much for me. I hope you can understand this and please don't hold it against me!


  1. Don't worry about posting pictures of your teeth lovely - I'm sure your readers understand.

    I've seen a lot of people talking about this on Twitter and Instagram recently. Very intrigued.

    Great post - I'm off to check them out!

    Emma Louise xx

    Twitter: @EmmaIsWriting
    Instagram: emmalouise_blogger

    1. Thank you and I'm sure they would just makes me a little uncomfortable posting that!
      I would defo check them out they really do work!
      Laura x