Saturday, 4 April 2015

Spray-in Hair Colour Chalk

Pastel hair is still going strong and this spray-in hair chalk colour from Superdrug is a great way to experiment without the permanent effects of normal hair dye and also it doesn't damage your hair in any way. This chalk comes in pink, purple and blue and it did show up on my hair colour, which is light brown colour. As my hair is quite long, I couldn't do this on my own so I did have to get my sister to help, but apart from this it was easy to use as you only have to spray it onto dry, clean hair. As it is a chalk, it does have to be 'set' with hair spray and this defiantly does make it last, so make sure you style your hair before you add the colour. I loved the shade of the purple chalk and it looked good against my natural hair colour.

It just brushes out at the end of the day, so there is absolutely no commitment at all, you can't even tell you had a colour in your hair! One thing I would like with this spray in hair chalk is for the can to be slightly bigger - it is only tiny and I pretty much used the entire can on only the bottom half of my hair, so Superdrug please can you do this?!

I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants to try the pastel hair trend but don't want the commitment - you could try all 3 colours in one style if your feeling brave! I can't wait to get my hands on the other colours!

What do you think? Something you would try?

Love Laura x