Wednesday, 7 June 2017

ECRU New York Beauty

When newly released beauty products drop though my letterbox, I have to test out all the colours right away - please tell me I'm not the only one who does that?! This is even more exciting when the brand is new to the UK as in the case of ECRU New York who have recently released their products in this country.



ECRU is a New York based brand that started with hair and has since diversified into beauty and alongside makeup artists, have created a range that combines high quality with the idea that if you are changing your hair, then you need a new look to match. This is why their products are exclusively sold in salons.

The main part of the collection is lipsticks - my ultimate favourite beauty products! There are 10 shades ranging from nudes through to reds and I was lucky enough to be gifted a nude (Barley There), a pink (Sultry Coral) and a red (Red Velvet) so one from every part of the range! The technology of these is so unique in that it has a chameleon effect meaning that how you apply has a huge effect on how it looks on your lips. Swipe straight from the tube onto your lips gives a creamy satin finish but if you apply using your fingers, it gives a gorgeous matte finish - neither of which are drying as the formula is very lightweight and velvet-like - you can see and feel why they called it Velvet Air! The lipsticks all last for hours without transferring too much or disappearing while eating and are all highly pigmented so one swipe and your lips are completely cover in the shade.


One thing I absolutely love with these lipsticks is the tube. I know this sounds weird but bare with me! The lid is actually magnetic, meaning it sticks strong to the tube which is so helpful if you are going to be throwing it in your bag as you don' have to worry about the lip falling over and covering the inside of your bag with bright red lipstick! The packaging also looks so classy, modern and high end - this goes for the mascara too!

Now the mascara is unlike any I have tried before, mainly down to the brush which is flat and square. Yes, you read that right! It sounds so strange but really does work to coat every lash (even the tiny ones) with the mascara and helps o create a curl. I have very straight lashes which never want to curl but this mascara did add a curl which lashes for quite a few hours. It also made them look longer and fuller but still quite natural and doesn't flake off. When wearing this you honestly feel like you could walk the runway! The formula also contains Argon Oil to help condition and care for your lashes to leave them feeling super soft.

Have you heard of ECRU New York before and are you going to see if you salon stocks them when you next get your hair done?
Love Laura x

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