Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

We all know how to protect out skin and keep cool when the weather is hot, but what about your dog? While they don't require a lot of extra care during the summer months, there are a few things you can do to help them stay comfortable in the heat - they will be sure to thank you for it! If they are anything like Ollie, this will come in the form of a big, slobbery 'kiss'!



Fresh Water

By far the most important thing is making sure your dig has access to clean, fresh water at all times - this applies to all year around, but is even more important when the weather is warm. You can keep it extra cold for them by adding a couple of ice cubes, just makes sure they don't try and chew them as they can break their teeth!


Weather they are in the garden or in the house, make sure they have a cool and shaded place to lie - even more important if they have a black coat! You might find that they actually prefer your bathroom or kitchen floor if t's tiled as it's cooler than carpet.


Try and only walk your dog at the coolest parts of the day and, if you can, stick to grass as much as possible! A good way to see if it's too warm for your dog to walk - place the palm of your hand on the tarmac, if you can't hold it for at least 20 seconds then it's too hot for your dog to walk. Walking on too hot ground can burn your dog's sensitive pads.


Pool Time!

Did you know that dogs don't sweat from their bodies and only from the pads on their feet and by panting? That means that they find it a lot harder than us to cool down, but you can help them by buying a paddling pool! May sound silly, but buy standing in cool water it can cool their pads down and therefore their bodies. You only need a cheap kids blow up one if you're not sure if your dog is going to like it or, if you want to spend a bit more (or own a huge dog!) a plastic one is even better. It did take Ollie a while to get used to it but now we can't get him out!

These are the most important tips to keep your dog cool and comfortable during the hot weather and I know there are a load more too! A lot are pretty obvious anyway and, in the case of water, should be done all year round. Without a doubt, Ollie's favourite thing about the weather being warmer is the fact that he can have his pool out - as a Springer Spaniel, he loves anything to do with water!

Do you have any tips to keep your dog cool in hot weather?
Love Laura x

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